Friday, April 3, 2009


finally time to share the HUGE news!!!!
we have finally bought our very first house!!!!!! we pick up the keys on monday...cant wait!
for the last 2.5 years i have been wanting to purchase, but the timing has never been right and hubby never wanted to, so i had more or less put it down to being a dream that it wouldnt happen for years and years..then hubby surprised me 6 weeks ago by saying he thinks we should buy now, as he thinks it would be a good time! so i jumped into action straight away (before he could change his mind!) organised a mortgage guy to talk to us (hi Ian!!) and we started looking.
the next 2 weeks were full of looking at heaps of houses (and sorry excuses for houses!) but we couldnt find one we agreed on. i was starting to get really frustrated, but we had one more to look at...i wasnt very confident about the last one, i had seen pics on the internet, and it looked foul! but i went anyways :-)
within 20 minutes of walking in, we had put in an offer! it was exactly what we were after - big rooms, huge yard, nice layout, kids loved it...only major drawback was a horrible 1970's kitchen! but seeing potential everywhere i was in love! we have always wanted a house we could do we have one!
we asked for a quick settlement if possible (30 days) because we wanted to be in before bubba arrives! in a million years we never thought we would get it (especially when the owners rejected our first offer!) yay yay yay!
so within the space of 6 weeks..we decided to buy, looked, and bought! only bad thing is we have to keep up the rent on where we are now until someone can take over our lease. hopefully it wont take long!
i will share some pics after the move and once we are settled.
luv c

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Chrissy said...

Would love to see piccies of the new place Tina love and hey new bubbba too *of course*!! :) :):) Congrats sweetie. :)