Friday, April 3, 2009


i dont know what compells someone to change computer passwords (and log in names) for 25 preps from 12345 to words with dots slashes etc in it! obviously they didnt realize it took this long to teach them to sign in using an easy password! aaaargggghhhhhhh....
suppose i should explain a bit...every friday morning since school started, i have been helping the preps with their computer class. up until last week, they had learnt how to log on to the computers and access their painting program. this morning, we were told that the whole system has been altered and now the preps have a new log in name and new password that gets changed every 3 weeks! and somehow the computer guy lost their paint program and now its all different!!!! lets just say it was a very loooooong lesson! (probally doesnt help that i havent been sleeping well lately)

will update with more interesting stuff later...busy day ahead! lol

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Chrissy said...

Tell me about it!! Argh!! It's so *frustrating*, school have been doing this for a while now, teachers and kids included, I mean seriously, I hardly can remember MY password every 3 weeks with it and my class of 8 year olds has to as well? Totally crazy!!