Monday, June 15, 2009

finally an update!

i have finally got spare time to update!!! so much has happened since my last post..where to start?! might go by the order that it happened i suppose...

***we are finally settled into our new house..we havent done any major reno's yet (like my kitchen! grrrr) but slowly we are putting our personality into rush i guess, but gee it will be nice when we get started! lol . currently trying to source some nice tiles for the toilet floor (starting with the smallest room first!) one of our friends is a really good tiler so we can save heaps of $$ on that part of the budget thank god. we arent in any rush to find the right tile... i will know it when i see it! lol

**zeb had his birthday..happy birthday honey!!!!!

*** we bought a puppy! the boys have been wanting a dog for ages, so we finally got them one! his name is sam, and he is an irish wolfhound cross. i know, i know, he is going to be huge! but how could we resist this little (for now) face?!

***brayden had his birthday as well! happy birthday braybray!!!

***my sister in law had her bubba..a baby boy, his name is zepplan (sorry if i spelt it wrong shelley!)

**and then just 11 days later our bubba arrived!!!!! i might do an extra post just on him in a sec,, so stay tuned!

*** the latest news is that my sister has had her baby too! congrats to hayley and ben on baby syenna rose! she is super cute..but no pics yet..bad aunty tina!lol

***i have also been doing a heap of scrapping...will chuck them on a different post too!

i know i have forgotten heaps..but i am pretty sure i remembered all the big bits!

stay tuned for more posts soon!
luv tina

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Anonymous said...

lol yes u spelt it wrong its zeplan. but i called harry a completly different name so alls good lol.

from shell