Monday, August 27, 2007

sneak peak!

thought i would share a little of what i have been working on. cant reveal too much until di puts it on her blog!

once its on there, i will share here. its nothing too flash as i was (and still am) sick with the flu, but i really like the way it turned out. I havent scrapped anything else lately..just cant seem to get the energy.

other stuff - made OKINOMIYAKI for dinner last night...yum yum yum!we used to make it when we had japanese students as kids. havent had it for years!!! we werent going to have it for dinner though, the original plan was to make chow mein for dinner. i asked dh to pick up 1/4 cabbage from the supermarket...what did he come home with? a huge whole cabbage!!! i had been craving okinomiyaki for days (no mum i am NOT!! pregnant!!!!!lol) so this was the perfect excuse! dh and the boys have never had it before either. keiran loved helping me make up the batter all the while trying to pronounce OKINOMIYAKI! so funny! the recipe i had made up 12, so i was fully expecting to have left overs for me to have the next day because keiran hates cabbage, evan is refusing to eat anything but vegemite on toast and dh said that they will probally taste like potato fritters (!?) so he didnt want any (he absolutely hates potato fritters so i understand , but these dont even have potato in them!!)

anyway, like i said, i was expecting heaps of left overs - nope. turns out, keiran loves the akiyaki (as he calls it!) dh decided they were quite nice! and even evan ate 2! they were so nice, but they werent the same without the "dancing fish" on the top! (binto flakes - dried prawn flakes) i am on a mission to find some, dh even suggested a trip to china town in brisbane, might have to take him up on that!

anyone, enough rambling from me

till next time



Susan C said...

I looked up the recipe for Okonomiyaki. It sounds delicious and I must try it sometime.

Joyce said...

mmm sounds lovely will have to try it.