Wednesday, August 29, 2007


last night was the lunar eclipse, and for the first time i actually remembered to have a look!
unfortunately my camera doesnt take very good far away shots (not the technical term lol!) but the lovely Audrey from the scrap heap, posted this pic this morning (hope you dont mind audrey!)
we were lucky enough to be out the front yard just as the eclipse was starting, it was really spooky, looked just like the moon was slowly filling with blood! the boys were already in bed by the time it started (well it was almost 8pm!) so they missed it this time :( but hopefully it will happen again.
other news - evan had his optometrist appointment yesterday to see how his glasses are going, turns out that he needs a patch, 3 hrs a day, every day, for at least 3 months! poor guy. i put his first on on him an hour ago, and he has just cried since..he hates it! the eye guy said that he will get used to it...gee i hope so. fingers crossed!
more other stuff - i started a page yesterday (dont faint!) still havent finished yet, but i am feeling alot better so hoping to get it done soon.
till next time

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Susan C said...

Poor Evan. My right eye was never actually patched but I had to have drops that made my eye blurry so I can really sympathise with him.