Friday, August 24, 2007

it's official

i am sick! i thought it was great that i had avoided the flu bug that has done the rounds. i woke up this morning with a little bit sore throat....but now i have a reallllly bad headache, runny nose, my throat is killing me and i feel like going to bed all day! just taken some panadol max cold and flu drink (WHICH WAS SOOO FOUL ) so i am hoping to feel better later. really wanted to scrap today too. i even went down to Bronwyns scrap shop yesterday and bought papers and ribbon for a page i wanted to do today, grrrrr.
other stuff - it is still pouring down here.yay! it hasnt stopped for days now, good news - it is falling over the dams too! bad news - it is too rough to let the kids out there in their raincoats :( anyone want a almost 5 year old? i will throw in a 3 year old and a bird that can imitate the telephone and kookaburras for free! lol
till next time

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