Friday, August 24, 2007

Di 's challenge!

i thought i would take up di - hickmans challenge to find my earliest creation (card or page) and post it to my blog. hmmm i very vividly remember making my very first 12x12 was at a creative memories workshop that mum dragged me along to, all the photos were cut into circles, and the rest of the page was covered in clown stickers...lovely! (insert sarcasm here) i think i threw it away when i got home and remember thinking that i never want to scrapbook again..that it was really boring and crap!

fast foward to 2002 when i had keiran. mum suggested that i make an album for keiran. so i went out and bought a winnie the pooh spiral bound album (it came with all the papers, stickers etc) i soon became hooked. maybe it was because i had someone to pass the albums down to now? who knows???!! the first few pages are extremely basic, just stickers (the ones that came with it!) and everything is corner rounded!

this continues like this for a bit and then you see my very first bit of patterned paper that i bought.

i bought it 12x12 and cut it down to fit the page.everything was cut with scissors (who needs a trimmer? i thought!) this page was also the begining of my love affair with lettering (although i didnt know it at the time!) i used the leftover bits on a creative memories sticker sheet stuck them onto a photo, and cut it out. i still like these two pages.

i managed to finish his album the week after his first birthday. i bought the same type of album for evan when he was born and was hoping to get it done by his first birthday...i have done 6 pages..he is 3 and it is still not done! one day it will get finished!

so now i have shared my stroll down memory lane i dare you all to do the same! find your earliest creation and share it on your blog!! thanks for challenge Di it was fun!

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