Thursday, March 20, 2008


first up...a big happy birthday to miss Tamika!!!! it was her first birthday yesterday. i had her and her brother Matti - zeek while their mummy was at the hospital (she and bubs are fine!) we had a cruisy day...her new outfit we got her fits beautifully (see the first pic)!!!! i went a bit crazy with photos (its not everyday i get a very obliging 1 year old girl model!!! lol) keiran was so excited to see her after school...he insisted on carrying her around everywhere. she has grown so much since we last saw her at xmas.
other is raining AGAIN!!!! pouring down in fact. heres some layouts i have done for this month too...nothing spectacular...but time has been tight. but i did manage to finish all my monthly challenges by the 15th this month

thats it for today i think..but before i leave..a big thanks to everyone who visits my blog....i dont know why you enjoy it..but i am glad you do! big hugs to you all!!!!


luv c

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