Sunday, February 10, 2008

miss me?

so much has happened since my last post.

keiran has started Prep..he loves it heaps.he has settled in really well (considering he lost his voice and was sick the first week) and has already made so many new friends.

the whole family has been sick with the flu, we have had the ambulance over to our house (keiran had trouble breathing due to the flu) evan has been to the hospital ( spots everywhere and said it was a mystery virus...still dont know what it was) and that was all the week school started!!!.

Aussie day was heaps of fun. we ended up having a bbq at federation park. the councils bbq brekky was held there in the morning, so when we got there, there was gazebo's music everything there..even a jumping castle!! but by 10.30 we were the only ones there. mum and dad met us there with cam aaryn emily and bray. it was really nice. we played cricket and listened to jjj all day....lovely day. love this pic of evan...lamingtons and a flag...cant get much more aussie than that really! (***disclaimer - i know you can get more aussie...maybe riding a kangaroo while eating a pie and watching footy etc etc, but this was the best we could do under the circumstances!!!)

i have been very busy creating cards for my other blog , done a few otp's (which i cant share yet!)as well as lots of layouts. heres a few -

i have done some others but cant share yet!

ummm what else? i got a new scrapping desk yesterday...well sort of freecycle. its a white laminate one, a bit wider than my old one, so makes a huge difference. fantastic condition, well it was until we got caught in the storms bringing it home! luckily (amazingly) it only had minimal water damage on th back edge, but now my stuff is on it, you cant tell!
that will have to be it for today though...well done for reading this far!!
till next time


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