Monday, February 25, 2008

its gone!

our adventure with the magna has finally come to an end! we bought this car 6 years ago (secondhand) and since then we have had 5 1/2 years of trouble with it. in December i finally decided enough was enough and me and the kids we never getting in it again! it was just getting too scary...the wheels kept wobbling (for no apparent reason), if it was a cold day it wouldn't start for ages, if it was a hot day, it wouldn't start for ages! just to name a few problems, and i was sick and tired of getting wet whenever it rained!!! (leak right above my seat ) although saying that, i was a bit sad to see it go... we bought it when i was pregnant with Keiran (Zeb used to have a tiny corolla...very cute..but not exactly baby seat friendly!) so both boys grew up with it. (and took great pride in washing it every few weeks!) i think my dad will miss it in his own way too! he loved teasing Zeb about the "crappy magna" every opportunity he got...don't know what he will tease him about now its gone! although...Zeb did manage to almost KILL us on mum and dads driveway on the weekend! lol well maybe not kill us...but it was scary! lol

Zeb decided to reverse down their driveway after our big deal apart from the fact it is very steep..and windy...and has a sheer drop on the side where if we fell over we would certainly die! (well dad assures me it is only a 2 metre drop and we wouldn't die...but i stand to differ!!!)..anyway he starts reversing, miss judges it, takes out one of dads trees, kills a solar light and churns up the dirt...only thing stopping us from plummeting to death is a big rock. but on the bright helped him get it out...and they didn't even scratch the car! well done old chaps!

anyway enough car talk for today....i have 2 ill little boys home today :(

luv c


Tess said...

oh that is just too make it sound like we live on the side of a mountain. How i wish now i had taken pics of your 'almost death experience LOL'..tomorrow i shall walk down that ever so steep driveway and take a photo of your track marks and how 'steep' it is LOL..
I for one am very glad to see that death trap of a car gone!!!!!! your father is now complaining because you both bought a FORD..i tell you, there is no pleasing some people LOL

Deb said...

Yep I agree with Tess. It sounds like that car was too dangerous for you and the kids to be in, I'm glad you don't have the worry any more.

So what did you replace it with and where are the pics? Or do we have to wait for MC#9, lol ...

Have a great day!