Sunday, October 7, 2007

party time!!!

*my blog was not playing nice yesterday, so please pretend you are reading this yesterday!!!!*

I am totally buguggered!!! we had keirans 5th birthday party today (his birthday is on tuesday). it was a great morning at the park , keiran had a ball! all the family was there (apart from poppy and aunty hayley who were at poker! grrrr lol) (oh and uncle luke - who knows where he was!) as well as monika and kidlets. thought i would share some pics from today.
keiran cutting his delicious "monster cake" it turned out more like a weird guy with bad teeth, but keiran thinks its a monster (so did the other kids!) so i guess thats all that matters!!! it was delicious too (green icing and all!) white choc mudcake ...mmmmmm!.

evan and igor spent ages riding around like this on igors bike.

hehehe... funny story about the photo of keiran and nanna! nanna wanted a photo of her and keiran, after a few photos with keiran frowning he told nanna she wasnt allowed in his photos!!! lol poor nanna, maybe we will get one of the both of them on tuesday...maybe!

this was the nicest photo (no kidding ) of igor keiran and matti.... i told keiran to stop picking his nose for the photo(i am sick of him picking his nose!!!!!!!) But matti thought i said put your fingers up your nose! igor and keiran thought it was hillarius!

igor and keiran playing with miss tamika (who kept grabbing them and trying to eat igors shirt!!!!)

snake sandwiches!!!! yummy!

and finally -the look on keirans face when daddy bought out his big birthday present.......a scooter!

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Tess said...

bless him!! and i WILL have my photo taken with him if it kills me!! he should feel privelidged that i want him in my photo!!! the little snot picker LOL