Monday, October 22, 2007

back again!

I am back! did you miss me? lol
life has been very busy lately, hubby has had dramas at work (long story will explain another day) he has also been sick (enough said!) but the bestest busy thing is that i went to swig!!! for anyone out there who doesnt know what swig is....its a weekend away (yep- a whole weekend!) with the lovely ladies from the scrap heap! fantastic! we just scrapped, watched movies, scrapped, ate chocolate, scrapped, laughed ALOT!!! etc etc. i even met some famous people!!!who? i hear you ask .....well...i met THE bev watt ( lol!!!) lovely lady very funny too! i met leonardo and donatello aka teenage mutant ninja turtles! as well as darth and some of the cast from hairspray, even a witch and that chick from something about mary!!!!(with the hair sticking up and everything!) and i cant forget a lovely pirate and kermit!!! rofl. will share pics when i get them off the camera..very funny!
i didnt scrap as much as i wanted too though, too busy laughing and talking...but here are the layouts i did over the weekend

this one was
using an aussle pack from the scrap heap. i hate this aussle, really not my colours at all, but it is done didnt scan very well at all either! (lukes face doesnt really look all smushed up!)
the next one was a class i did, deb taught it, very fun, really got me out of my comfort area with the papers, but i love the result and will try to use some more of these types of papers!next up is a page that i started at 7.45 on sunday morning and did not finish until we left at 3! i was sooo tired . the black swirl was totally inspired by the lovely ginny! it is one of those wooden kaiser (?) ones, painted black then glossed. the next one would have to be my fav from the weekend. i took these pics secretly in the bathroom before i went out for dinner last week. i hate having my photo taken, but i love the way these turned out! beautiful papers too (all papers available at the scrap heap! lol) must get some more.
this next one of evan really hated my scanner! the big button in the middle really played havoc with it. the journalling reads - mummys little pirate showing off at his birthday party.
can you notice anything about the next one of keiran? yep i have finally opened my packet of really big book plates (basic grey)! i have had these for yonks!
monika has been nagging me to finally use at least one of them, so i did! rofl love this pic of keiran too...he looks so grown up! just a note - his hair didnt have gel in it, it was super windy at the park!
and finally another one of keiran (can you tell my photo order with all the pics of evan didnt turn up in time for swig?) this layout won a prize at swig. christine put a sketch up on the board and we had a time limit to get a page done, everyone then voted. woo hoo!
anyways, i will post some photos of the fun at swig when i get them off the camera, thanks for visiting!
later -

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