Monday, September 24, 2007

me again!

busy busy busy. thats my life atm. last week has just flown by..not good! i did manage to fit in a little bit of scrapping this week..just!lol this is a little card i made for grandmas birthday (on saturday). i made it at a class with kimberley (stampin up) so easy, will definately be making more of these! grandma thought it was very clever...she almost cried! it doesnt take much to please her!i also decorated my little bucket that i put all my pens etc in on my desk. it was for a daily challenge over at the scrap heap.

i have finally finished all the toowoomba japanese garden pics at last! still have a few to do from our "holiday" but no more garden pics! (only park ones lol)

and finally just a simple one using old pics.

thats all for today, nothing wildly exciting i know, but i have heaps more stuff to do today! (we have an inspection on wednesday, so i am trying to get my gardens organised!- nothing major, just some weeding left to do)

till next time


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