Friday, September 7, 2007

been, seen and organized (well sorta!)

I have a big box that i put all my scraps in after doing a page/card /whatever...i am always saying that i will organize it one day.. i did a quick cleanout a few months ago, and gave weronika (monikas daughter) a big bag of older style papers that i knew i would probally never use, but that just left me with a big box filled with paper scraps that i love but can never find!!

anyway...I wanted to do a page today, and vaguely remember putting the most perfect bit of paper in the box ages ago. i started searching but look what happened!

i havent finished yet....the box is still filled with coloured cardstock (black and white taken out already) and i have put all pp into rough piles (spots/flowers/stripes etc) but now i need to get more storage for it all! I had no idea i had so much in that box! especially white cardstock! each pile is pretty thick too...i think i will be doing layouts just using all this for awhile!

once i had done all that, i sat at my desk...which turned into tidying my desk!
A strange thing always happens to me whenever i tidy my desk... i get the urge to scrap and mess it all up again! i cant help it. does anyone else have this problem/addiction?! it is very rare for anyone to see my desk tidy because of it.

i am starting to get used to having a small desk (my old one was an 8 person dining table!) it is much easier to keep tidy.
other stuff - its still raining! it is starting to get annoying! but still good..i guess!
till next time
p.s - i never found that perfect bit of paper either :( and now mr mojo has buggered off! grrrr


Treezah said...

i think that's funny i went from a small desk to an 8 seating dining table AND it's too big, i cant scrap at it LOL

Leanne said...

LOL about your mojo, I so hate that, especially when you have been tossing in bed, whilst meant to be sleeping and then when you get up in the morning its gone!!!! I am a little opposite to you with my desk though, I make it a rule to clean up after each scrapping frenzy!

Joyce said...

i know exactly what you mean, i am bad though i dont use my scraps- well most of them

Susan C said...

Yep... when my desk is messy I don't feel like scrapping, when its clean and tidy Mr Mojo comes back. Strange that!