Friday, August 17, 2007

where did the week go????

seriously? i dont know where it went! one minute it was sunday its friday! it's gone way too fast.

i have done very little scrapping this week, finished one calendar page i am doing for a swap at TSH but other than!
i am going to try and scrap tonight when the other scrapbooking crazed people come over!lol maybe i will get some dailies done then.....maybe....possibly

other stuff - keiran is still loving preschool...its grandparent day took me ages to explain to him that the cake we are taking for morning tea is not for his birthday, not for poppys birthday, doesnt need candles, and no it is not the other keirans birthday either (there is another keiran in his class!) when he finally understood, he was quiet for awhile then the next round of questions started - is cameron and aaryn coming with poppy? why not? what about emily? why? but she goes to school? she can come to my school! why cant she come? what about nanna? but she is my nanna!
omg, too many questions! the last 2 weeks have been nothing but questions!

saw this really cool quote last night so i will finish on that -

history is just a group of events that everyone has agreed on
- napoleon

till next time

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