Friday, August 10, 2007

friday at last!

its friday! woohoo!!!

lots of stuff happening this week. the biggest thing would have to be Keiran starting preschool!!! got a call last week saying they just had a spot open up, would keiran like it? silly question, he has being dying to go back to childcare, so when i told him that he would be going to big boys excited! couldnt resist taking a pic of him in his "uniform" and new school hat. i could hardly get him to stand still (which is why he isnt in the centre of the pic!) his teachers are fantastic and so far he loves going there.
other news - hayley got taken to hospital this week - in an ambulance! allergic reaction..i did get pics (good scrapper that i am!) but i have promised that i would never share ANYWHERE!!! so being the nice sister i am i wont share a pic, lets just say...very swollen face, no eyes, big lips! use your imagination! lol
scrapping news - i did a few layouts this week for the dailies and monthlies at the scrap heap, if you want to see them, head over there! (my gallery is under tinascrapper3.) finding it a bit hard to find time and inspiration lately, work has been a bit hectic! hoping to scrap this weekend though...fingers crossed!
thats it for awhile (hubby has just got home, better look busy! lol)


Anonymous said...

oh wow - how lucky is that!!!! K wil be in heaven or maybe you will

Susan C said...

He looks pleased with his new uniform.