Friday, March 12, 2010

catch up!

my god! march already?! where did the last 2 months go? lifes been very busy lately, lets see if i can bring you up to speed a bit...where to begin?
valentines day was spent with my boys (and man too!)
our friends saun and kat welcomed baby joseph into the world on valentines day as well (will have pics of bubba soon)
have been seeing alot of this little guy...keiran got his fiirst pair of glasses! he just needs them for reading computers etc and boy was he excited!this little guy is 10 months old!( holy crap, where did that time go?!) he now has 4 teeth, is taking 4 steps at a time and loves standing in the middle of the room dancing to the wiggles! (its hilarius..must catch it on video one day!)
master E split his chin open yesterday at school,( didnt need stitches thank goodness) accident involving his best friends foot and his face! typical boys..from what i was told, he just kept on playing until a teacher saw his chin covered in blood and made him got to the sick bay..and being the macho male he is..protested the whole time cause he didnt want to miss out on play time.
no pics i'm afraid..battery went flat :-(

i have been busy with a few orders and projects as well, but will keep them for another post

have a great day!
luv c

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