Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my litle secret

i like being organised, i like my layouts and projects to have a "clean and streamlined" look, but thats not my secret...ready for it?

yep, thats my desk atm

and see that little red circle? thats the total amount of space i have available! the heart with wings is for a project i am working on...yes i am crazy enough that i will wait until i totally run out of room before i will clean up. and hey! some of that stuff isnt even mine! the boxers (clean i promise!) are keirans..why they are on my desk i have no idea...the monkey is evans...and the baby? well ok he is mine, but i didnt put him there! i know its not a huge secret, but it has been a slow news week! lol and i think by posting it here, it will inspire me to tidy up...or not!

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