Sunday, January 25, 2009


Big congratulations to my little brother Luke and Megan who got married yesterday!
wow, still cant beleive it. i never would have thought that my baby brother (i will always think of him that way, even though he isnt the youngest brother and towers over me! lol) would ever get married..i never thought he would find his "match" someone who would love his quirky ways and very outgoing attitude. someone who would love him for who he is. yep, never would have thought it....until i met Megan! she is just perfect for him. she is just lovely. it is so obvious to everyone how much the two of them are in love. i wish the both of them all the happiness in the world..welcome to the family Megan!
i dont have many pics of the day yet (mum took heaps of pics and i used her camera alot, so stay tuned!) but i do have these..taken by our own budding

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