Friday, December 19, 2008

we found out! (bubba update)

we now know if our bubba is a pink one or a blue one!....but before i share which one, an update!

i had our 19 week ultra sound yesterday..{keiran came with me } baby is doing great..but in a breech (which apparently is weird according to should be side to side) but on the plus side, that explains the pains (which are kicks) down low and my sore side is due to bubba headbutting my uterus! (it happened during the scan as well...aparently it likes smooshing its face into my side much to the techies amusement!) ..he also said its gonna be a big one! (if it keeps going the way it is!)

heart beat is 143bpm..see?

and some pics.....
and some adorable feet (which made me tear up as soon as i saw them!..i love baby feet!!!)
the techie reccommended having another scan for 24 weeks just to get some clearer pics of the cord if i am going to pass up another chance to see bubba before its born! so hopefully have more pics then.
but now onto the news..drumroll please!.....
its a ..
i have to admit i was a bit upset ...for about 5 seconds!!! (this pregnancy is sooooo different from the boys, i was sure it was gonna be a pink one!)but i know how to deal with boys!!! i am so excited now though! kerian thinks its great that now mummy is the only girl and boys are still winning! we have bought the first blue outfit as well (keiran was horrified that the baby is naked!lol)
thanks for putting up with the looong post...
luv c

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