Wednesday, November 26, 2008

bubby update...

we are now at a bit over 16 weeks and so far everythings going perfectly., blood pressure is now perfect (it was a little high at one stage) morning sickness stopped at exactly 13 weeks. i still havent put on any weight at all...(just keep loosing it, which is great! lol) (probally helps i cant stand chocolate, kfc,pizza, or anything sweet, or meat, and i am still off caffiene! and i crave green vegies and garlic bread!)i now have a preggy belly though! not much, but it is definately there! lol. i have managed to get booked in for a hospital visit in the next couple of weeks, and we have another scan on the 18th dec..hopefully find out if its a pink one or blue one.
will probally do another update after the next scan...but we will see how we go!

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