Tuesday, September 23, 2008

random stuff


keiran has a friend sleeping over tonight, and they are playing out in the yard (being very good!) so i thought i would try to update my blogs while i have a spare 10 mins! (Evan is at "school")

heres a couple of layouts i did a few weeks ago...i havent really scrapped much lately (well nothing i can share yet!) so these will have to do! lol

i do have quite a few cards to share though, they can be found over at my other blog (link on the side!) i think i might put some up for scheduled post though...just so it looks like i am a consistant blogger!

a big thank you to everyone who has visited this little place i like to call a blog...my sitemeter came thru the other day and i have had over 2200 hits! wow! thats 2199 more than i thought would visit~! thanks again :-)

have a great day!

luv c

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