Wednesday, July 30, 2008


yeah yeah, i know, i am slack! i dont know where all my time has gone lately, but there as soooo not enough hours in a day to get stuff done! can you beleive it is the end of july already!??! not much scrapping done here lately, only a couple of layouts that i cant share yet :-( i have done a few cards though! check out my other blog if you want to see here there will be more cards coming (thanks to scheduled posts!) so keep an eye open!
ummmm what else?
evan broke his thumb! he broke it on the 18th, but bad mother i am i didnt take any pics. it is healing beautifully now (the nail is black though!), he is using his thumb again and as far as we know, not causing him any discomfort.
what else...hmmmmm..nothing that i can think of.
well i might finish this very exiting post , housework awaits
promise i will blog again soon (and make it a bit more interesting!)
luv c

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