Thursday, June 5, 2008

purple hair!

yep, i have purple hair! not nice subtle purple, think kids poster paint purple! and i LOVE it! *note - its not 100 percent purple, just a bit of it!lol*
i will share pics when i can find my camera cable.
other news, i am now a member of a design team based in Europe! its all cards, so if you want to check it out - so far i am the only one from Australia on the team - woohoo!!! i will be posting my creations for it on my other blog, so if you are interested, check it out! first dare will be announced around the 13th june.
umm other news...keiran is hoping to have his first soccer game this saturday, poor little guy, he was supposed to have it last week, but the weather has been awful! i never thought i would be a soccer mum, but it happened! all i need now is a 4wd and i am set!
evan news - not much happening with him atm, his birthday is in less than 3 weeks....stay tuned on that front!
anyways, thats it for today, off to pick keiran up from school then off to training!
have a great afternoon
luv c

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