Monday, May 12, 2008

big post!

i know i havent blogged in what feels like months and months...but life has been soooo busy....and i have photos to prove it!!!

where to begin?????

we went up to visit gina a few weekends ago. she lives a good 3 hours north of us and i havent been to her new place since she zeb thought it would be a great idea to visit before she has her bubba (less than 2 weeks away now!) and to give matti-zeek his birthday present in person. this was a totally spur of the moment decision...and we had to make sure we were back that evening as keiran was spending the night at nanna' it definately had to be a day trip...only problem...we only decided to go at 10 am; the kids had never been that far in a car before and keiran sometimes get car sick; and i dont travel very well! lets just say it was a very long day!!!! but on the plus one was sick!!! not even me! (it probally helped that i made sure i was dosed up on herron before we left and at the first sign of a headache i took more!)

once we got to ginas, i made sure i got lots of pics (although tamika fell asleep just before we got there so no pics of her!) and we couldnt believe how grown up hannah looked!!!! she got her hair cut short..and it suits her so much...see???

matti loved his huge toy truck we got him for his birthday -

we headed home at about 3.30 thinking the boys would at least have a nap in the car...nope.....keiran talked almost the whole way home!!!!we got to nannas just in time for him to watch gladiators...his favourite show!
thunder (centre front) is his idol atm and when we tell him its time for bed afterwards he salutes us and says "sir. yes sir!" like tank (very back on the left!)

we have also discovered that evan loves reading..not that he can read yet...and mummys books are his favourite...this is how i find him at least once a day -

(thought this pic would look gorgeous scrapped!)

happy mothers day for yesterday too! - we went to underwater world on saturday for mothers day (zeb thought it would be too crowded on the sunday!) it was a lovely day filled with seals (which evan insisted that they be called goldfish!lol) fish, sharks etc etc...

here are my fave pics from the day (this seal kept following the boys around the side of the tank!)-

and inside another tank..the boys thought this was awesome!

and just a quick pic of evan at the park the other day...he asked for a photo!

that should do for the blogging today...we have done so much other stuff but will save it for now! we could be here all week lol.

luv c

p.s - is it just me or does Aaron Eckhart look like a young harrison ford? i watched a bit of indianna jones the other day (i ooo not my type of movie!) and i thought harrison ford was aaron eckhart! cant see exactly what i mean from these pics but if you know who i am talking about i swear they could be related! what do you think?

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