Friday, April 18, 2008

back again!

life has been a bit busy lately, so sorry for the lack of posts! before i get into all that though...the pay it forward thing....i am still waiting on 1 more person to comment on that post and then i will have the 3 needed! come on people...who wants a present???!!! in the meantime though...Cassie (who wrote - Hi! I just found your blog today. I love that "play" layout in your post below!!) could you email me your snail mail so i can get a pressie out to you asap (my email) tess (aka mum!)...i already have yours!
ok now some more news...i have scrapped at last! seems like forever that i have done a page...will do another post with pics after this one! i ahve done heaps pf cards though...will post them on my other blog here and i am now on the road! i finally have my learners permit! shocking i know. i am 27 yrs old but have only lately wanted to drive. so watch out everyone!!! lol
other than that though,...i have been busy organizing fete stuff for school. i dropped off a box of cards for our stall on wednesday... and the rest of the committee loved them so much, they asked if i would be able to make all the thank you cards for the sponsors!! will find out the deets next week.
cant think of anything else wildly exciting right now..cya
luv c

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