Friday, January 11, 2008


my Mil has gone at last! yay!!! for those of you who know my know why i am so excited...for those of you who dont know her...lucky you!! lol

i suppose a bit of background info is required...she rang dh on monday night, and asked if she could stay the night on wednesday to leave on thursday. dh said ok (because 1 night is tolerable!lol) needless to say, she turned up at 9 am tuesday morning, and has just left (12pm friday afternoon!) all this time, i havent been able to scrap (she is in my studio) or have 10mins to myself (although she did go shopping for a couple of hours on wednesday) so i have been going crazy!! and to top it all has been pouring with rain all week so the kids are going crazy too!

thank god i have the gals coming over soon (5 1/2 hours and counting!loL) to scrap. i still have to work out how to get my heavy table back in there by myself before they get doubt dh will be working late again...aarrrrrgh what a week.

ok enough venting..

no pages made lately (if you need a reason see above!lol)luckily i made some cards in advance for the challenges on my other blog so some creative viewing has been released from my computer. you can check them out here . i have made up 7 packs ready to scrap with, so i might sneak in a quick scrap while the kids are being good!

till next time


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peata said...

haha, just had to have a laugh bout the mil... i hear ya! -all about the mini album
my blog - Crazy bout mini albums :)