Friday, November 30, 2007

blah blah

busy! every time i walk past the computer lately i think "i should update my blog" but then something happens so i cant! i have been a single mum for the last couple of weeks...zeb still lives here (and we are still married!) but we never see him! the kids see him for 1/2 hour in the morning before he leaves for work, and they are asleep before he gets home. he has been soooo busy with work, and the busy season is coming up soon.
i have been trying to squeeze in scrapping time, and have done some pages. managed to used a heap of old photos (well 2006 anyway!)

i have also done a page for next months DiAgrams (di hickman) my secret santa pressie for the scrap heap and am working on a page for Becky fleck(page maps) i cant share any of these yet though, so you will have to be patient! lol. the page for di can be viewed at her site on 1st dec (american time!) didnt take a photo of the thing i made for secret santa, so its up to the lucky receipiant to share, and the page for becky will be in the january 2008 bonus maps! so excited to be included as a sample at page maps. i have been using her sketches forever!!!!
i have decided that i am a glutton for punishment though...i have decided to try to get the monthly challenges (tsh) done for december as well - 9 layouts! i will give it a go though! between all the birthdays (mine, monikas, hayleys, camerons - just the family ones!) and xmas...i am sure i will get them done!
that will have to be it for catch up today (washing machine has finished -more chores!)
till next time (hopefully somwhere in the near future)

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