Thursday, July 26, 2007

long time no post!

me again!
life has been so busy lately, where to start? better grab a coffee/tea/whatever!
might start with the most annoying/exhausting (lol) - hubby has been sick... now for all you ladies out there, you know that a sick hubby is the most dramatic sick person in the world...or should i say dying! he had the flu, which in turn caused an ear infection..yuckky! so i was blessed (?) with 7 whole days of him off work and dying lol. thank god he is back at work!
But now mr Evan is sick with the flu too! its not slowing him down much during the day, but he is alot more clingy and tired than usual. i am trying to get him better asap cause i dont want his asthma flaring up again (every time he gets a cold he gets bad asthma!) so far so good.
i have been trying to fit in work between looking after sickies too. luckily hours are VERY flexible. (i work from home) but i managed! i am loving working again...even if it is only a few hours a week from home. cant wait to get my first pay though! i get paid at the end of the month...definately going to book in to see the lovely kylie (my hairdresser) she does a beautiful job. havent been since before we moved. (naughty naughty!)if you are near Kuluin and need a haircut..Shear Artistry...go there! near maccas! .lol
i have been scrapping too. have done a few pages with new papers! cant share just yet, as it is for Di hickmans design team, but once its up there, i will definately share here! love your sketches Di!!!!
it was also miss emily's 3rd birthday on tuesday, we celebrated on all pink party! pink everything, little miss wasnt well though, so she fell asleep! poor missy! will share pics when i get some!

if you have sat and read all my blabbering on...well done!
till next time

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