Monday, July 16, 2007

i survived!

last night i had Em and Bray over for the turned out to be very cruisy!! all kids ate all their dinner (vegies and all) had a bath (no dramas at all!) and were in bed by 6.45 asleep by 7!! Even Keiran! he has been refusing to go to bed lately so this was a huge surprise! Even this morning has been great (so far!) Evan got up first at 6.15 followed closely by Bray, then Em at 6.30 and Keiran at 7.30!!!!!!

hoping that the good day holds up and i can scrap this afternoon. found this really nice sketch from

i am a sketch addict ...cant get enough of them! they really get me motivated (If they are a nice one!)
suppose i better do some tidying up....
till next time

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Raechel Gribbin said...

Congratulations on your BLOG Tina, I love this sketch and I haven't scrapped in months but I think I might sit down & do a page with your sketch - Thanks, I hope you are more diligent with your BLOG than I am with mine, I must confess I am a hopeless BLOGGER but I am addicted to reading everyone else's LOL, sounds like you have had your hands full with 4 little kidlets & it nice to hear that they are behaving well for you (mine are sending me bonkers these days! LOL). Well better go and get sketching... have a great day.

Raechel :o)